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Printing of books and albums

Printing of books, art albums and catalogs for exhibitions is one of the main lines of activity in "Moby Dick" printing house.

Press is carried out for exterior publishing houses and design studios, and in printing house structure operates the publishing center for preparation for printing full-color books, magazines, albums. Depending on specificity of the edition photographers, illustrators, cartographers, editors-composers, translators are involved in work on the project. All experts are professionals of publishing and also possess long-term experience with breadboard models of the highest category of complexity both on text structure, and on a saturation of a graphic number. Because of such a serious experience even the biggest projects are made ready for the press not only qualitatively, but also quickly. For the Customer is extremely important that at a stage of preparation of a breadboard model he contacts only to the designer of the project. Work of all other experts is coordinated "off-screen" by the designer. Industrial questions (terms of the press of the book, circulation, finished goods shipment) answered directly by the manager on the press, leading all project as a whole. In the end the Customer receives the solid edition with modern qualitative polygraphy which are completely paying back all expenses for the preparation and the press.

"The portrait of Petersburg"

The portrait of Petersburg

The album contains 139 art images of St.-Petersburg from 1703 till 2003. Publishing house "Childhood-press". ;. Also see: The portrait of St.-Petersburg

"Vladimir Proshkin.Water-color"

Vladimir Proshkin.Water-color

Album of water-colors. Also see  «Petersburg in Vladimir Proshkin's water-colors»



One of the most known M.J.Lermontov's poems with V.I.Shevchenko's illustrations.

«Only drawing»

Only drawing

Album of Oleg Yeremeyev's works, published by publishing house "Socrat".

«Made in America: before and after 9/11»

Геннадий Зубков. Сделано в Америке: до и после 11 сентября

The catalog of works to Gennady Zubkov's exhibition.

«Vladimir Shevchenko»

Vladimir Shevchenko

Album of Vladimir Shevchenko's works.

«St.-Petersburg: light about a shade»

Album of Vladimir Semyonov's photos devoted to the 300 anniversary of St.-Petersburg.

Album of Vladimir Semyonov's photos devoted to the 300 anniversary of St.-Petersburg.

Work order

Digital printing

Konica Minolta 6000 Pro

Digital printing department was opened in Moby-Dick printing-house. Great deals for short-run printing of publications. Equipment: Konica Minolta 6000 Pro Offset printing.

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