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Polygraphic production

"Moby Dick" printing house is specialized on printing the multipage issues, catalogues, books, albums, booklets, brochures, calendars, and other various sheet advertising production such as posters, labels, envelopes, files, package.

We get down to fulfillment of the most complicated complex tasks, set by a Customer, by giving consideration to adaptability to manufacture of the whole process and quality control on each production stage.

Multipage issues 
  • Multipage issues 

    These are books and albums, catalogues and booklets, magazines and handbooks. Any fastening type is available for inner books (hot adhesive, thread sealing, staple, stitch, spring). Any type of cover is also available. Our printing house is always ready to help the customer to choose format, paper type, chrominance, interesting additional processing options (ultraviolet lacquer, stamping, foil adpressing etc.), optimal for present project. Effectively working issue should not be expensive, but the issue of any price should work effective.
Sheet advertising and business polygraphy
  • Sheet advertising and business polygraphy 

    These are eurobooklets and flyers, posters and placards, letter-heads and leaflets, postcards and invitation cards. The project manager in cooperation with the designer will help a customer to choose optimal printing option from a low-budget monochromatic one to full-cover process using the PANTONE, selective lacquering, original folding or cutting. All of them make leaflets most attractive and memorable.
  • Calendars

    Calendars, printed in "Moby Dick" printing house illustrate the whole product line of calendars: pocket, placard up to A1 format, multitier calendars with a spring, houseed calendar. Individual project of the calendar will be created in the design-studio of the printing house, so you're the image of your project will be unique. The customer can use standard date-pages or order individual one which is optimum for general design of the project. Qualitative and carefully assembled calendar is a great sample of advertising or souvenir production. Beautiful calendar guarantees, that customer`s logo will be in the limelight of his business partners for the whole year.
  • Packing 

    Efficient technology of printing on different types of cardboard and paper and various postpress features (lamination, selective vanishing, serigraphy, cutting and perforation) allow "Moby Dick" printing house to make packing from simple to elite. It is possible to design and manufacture individual packing for customer`s goods.
Instructions and technical passports
  • Instructions and technical passports 

    Service instructions and technical passports of different goods are much called for types of polygraphic production. They are fulfilled as small brochures or loose leaves, often printed using one or two colors. Trust to principal product and reputation of the producer depend on quality of such simple items as instructions and technical passports.
Work order

Digital printing

Konica Minolta 6000 Pro

Digital printing department was opened in Moby-Dick printing-house. Great deals for short-run printing of publications. Equipment: Konica Minolta 6000 Pro Offset printing.

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