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Read these articles on Russian.

  • Catalogue: from idea to printing
    Article in "Typographic Art" newspaper, #3 (183) /March 2009
  • Self-portrait-2009
    Article in "Typographic Art" newspaper, #3 (183) /March 2009
  • In the Show like in a mirror
    Article in "Advertising and polygraphy" magazine, #3 /April 2009
  • Self-portrait in a booklet
    Article in "Advertising and polygraphy" magazine, #3 /April 2009
  • Designers found their own image
    Publication at www.adLife.spb.ru portal, 25th of March 2009
  • History of a portrait
    Article in "Advertising and polygraphy" magazine, May 2006
  • "Moby Dick" is in holding`s fairway
    Interview in "Advertising and polygraphy" magazine, May 2006
  • Finnish binding
    Article in "Advertising and polygraphy" magazine, December 2005
  • Mercenary and love-match
    Article in "Typographic Art" newspaper, 2005
    For the first time printing houses merge in Saint-Petersburg market
  • Glass of beer as a progress mover
    Article in "Typographic Art" newspaper, #13 (113) / September 2005
    Amalgamation of "Moby Dick" and "Lubavich" printing houses took place
  • Narvskaya part of polygaphy of Saint-Petersburg
    Article in "Advertising world" magazine, August 2004
  • Polygraphic market of Saint Petersburg quite corresponds with the most hard-to-please customer`s expectations
    Interview for Business News Agency, August 2004
  • "Moby Dick" printing house is 10 years old
    Article in "Typographic Art", February 2004
  • "Moby Dick" printing house
    Article in Saint-Petersburg Business Guide newspaper, July 2003
  • "Moby Dick": Men and machines
    Article in "Typographic Art" newspaper - HEIDELBERG, July 2003
  • Quality is basis of success
    Article in "Saint-Petersburg. Business guide" magazine
  • Interview with Arif Yanbukhtin, general director of a printing house
    Article in GART magazine
Work order

Digital printing

Konica Minolta 6000 Pro

Digital printing department was opened in Moby-Dick printing-house. Great deals for short-run printing of publications. Equipment: Konica Minolta 6000 Pro Offset printing.

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