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Ultimate priority: we solve a problem of optimization of your printing production expense

Your printing production must be more attractive, than your contestant`s. In order to achieve this objective your printing production should be as qualitative, as possible. The answer to quality problem should not be just the amount of deposited funds. Efficiently working issue shouldn`t be obligatory expensive, but issue of any cost should look efficiently.

You invest money in polygraphic order to profit by results of your planned action. Being a professional in your sector, you are not owed to be to be a professional in polygraphy. But it is impossible to ignore specific of the technology: mistakes done during preparation process can spoil the tirage, and you`ll have to count diseconomies. In this situation reliability of the chosen printing house comes to the foreground.

What the reliability of "Moby Dick" printing house is rested on?

  1. 1. We are ready to get involved in working with your order on any point of technological process, including design and preparation materials to the layout consultancy
  2. Even if you don`t order design, positioning, color grading and other kinds of prepress processes, our specialist gets involved as a consultant
  3. From the very first days of the project you are given a personal manger, who solves all the problems, relating to realization of your project
  4. We guarantee the supreme qualification of the staff, who is admitted to work with customers
  5. Quality control system embed in "Moby Dick" printing house includes, besides taking part of a customer in material preparation, also quality walkthrough on all the stages of the workflow, up to the shipment

As we work on the preparation of issue with you, we can beforehand, on the early stages of preparation, offer you technical decisions, that allow you to lower production costs.

It is possible to economize without quality losses in many cases at the expense of correct technological decision, if it is made in time. For example, working on the voluminous order "Project 111", we offered customer - "firm Amber" - original construction of the binding, which allowed sharply reduce capital inputs and timetable to prepare multiband production catalogue.

All the above we call optimization of your discharge on the polygraphic project.

Offering to trust us with the problems of manufacturing printing output, we consider it important to report, that we guarantee quality and time constrains of the tirage manufacturing, and it is a bid guarantee. Besides we guarantee your author`s rights observance, including pirated copy protection.

Working with us on your issue, we also raise the qualification of quality and reliability for all your following issues, and in the capacity of an additional result you gain efficient business-process of interaction with the printing-house.

We can be recommended by not only many large-scale enterprises and organizations in Saint-Petersburg and other cities of Russia, as Moscow, Pskov, Murmansk, Kazan, Novgorod, but also corporations of Germany, Finland, Czech Republic, Sweden and other European countries. There are such companies among constant clients as: Sberbank of Russia, GOZNAK, North-West Telecom, The State Hermitage Museum, Russian Museum, TEKS, Porsa, Knauf, Johnson & Johnson, Alcatel, Coca-Cola, Lumene, Riviera, Intourist, LG, Wurth and others.

Production space is fitted out with modern printing equipment, produced by companies Heidelberg, Komori, Stahl, Baum, Wohlenberg, Theisen&Bonitz, Horizon, which ensures modern standards of platemaking, printing and postpress. Facilities of instrumental quality control allow to work observing European standards.


Arif Yanbuhtin, general director "Moby Dick" printing house director
Arif Yanbuhtin, general director
Tel. +7 (812) 334-13-60

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Digital printing

Konica Minolta 6000 Pro

Digital printing department was opened in Moby-Dick printing-house. Great deals for short-run printing of publications. Equipment: Konica Minolta 6000 Pro Offset printing.

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