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Prepress FAQ

What kind of equipment does your printing house operate?

See the section of our site "Equipment".

All the colors on my monitor were good and what have you printed?

To provide an image looking like that printed on a printing machine some conditions are to be followed:
    1. The monitor should be of high-quality. Now they are CRT monitors costing in the range of > $1000 (certainly not all of them) or LCD monitors which cost > $2000 (not all of them as well).
    2. A monitor should be calibrated, i.e. to be adjusted by a special software-hardware complex of professional quality. And these adjustments should be permanent.
    3. An operational system of the computer and the programs should be adjusted to display the printing process.
    4. The lightning of a workplace should be "correct", in ideal to correspond to ISO 3664.
To prevent the above problems before ordering we offer to look through your files in the prepress department of our printing house where the above mentioned conditions are followed.

Why do you need a hard copy if the ready files have been already transferred?

Files are ephemeral things especially created by not skilled persons. That is why the printing house needs a document certifying what our customer considers necessary to be printed. And what is the difference between a document and not a document? The document must be:
    1. thoroughly made: a hard copy should exactly match the files, i.e. to be printed out from the last version of a file. It also must exactly define all the lements of the edition.
    2. signed with a person in charge. To know more details concerning the requirements for a hard copy you may address: PavelK@MobyPrint.ru

Do you provide designing?

We provide this kind of service The designs of all kinds of polygraphic production are at your disposal. Now, we have on the staff designer Julia Yakubovich - a leaver of the Atr Universary named after V.I. Mukhina. When visiting our printing house you can see the portfolio, the authors of which are the designers of " Moby Dick". Any design project is carried out with a direct participation of an employee of the prepress department that guarantees the right technology for further design development.

Dor you store files, transferred to the printing house?

CD-R and DVD transferred to the printing house are not stored and are not returned because of their low cost. So you may transfer only copies of files. As for the information it is on the computers of the prepress department after receiving an order and it is carefully stored. All the computers of the department are provided with hardware to duplicate the data, so even in case of physical distruction of a hard copy,if any, it will not result in loss of the data. After executing an order the files are sent to the archive of the prepress departmencuted the files are sent to the archive of the prepress department with the exception of periodicals - they are stored within one month. Archive DVD are written in duplicate and are stored in different places, far from each other. Nevertheless these measures are unsufficient to guarantee permanent and and 100% reliable storage of the data. The provision of this kind of archive is possible, but that requires other means and considerable expenses. That is why we do not take obligations to store all the files, ever used bu us but we try to keep all of them. Almost always it turns out to be a success.

How to transfer files through the Internet?

To transfer files they are to be packed in ZIP-archive. The following ways are possible:
      1. A file of small volume (up to 3 Mb) can be sent at the address of any employee of our printing house as an attachment to e- mail.
    2. The files of volume up to 50 Mb are accepted to a specially provided address: MobyPrint@mail.ru. The above ways have one essential negative thing: when being attached to e-mail the file's volume 40% increases. So after attaching a file of 1 mb: we receive e-mail of 1.4 mb volume.As a result the expenses increase and the speed reduces. So two ways not connected with e-mail are offered.
    3. Transferring with the help of internet-strvices of temporary storage of files. For example free of charge service and the way of its operation is shown here: www.slil.ru/page/. There are a lot of services. They may require payment or they may be free of charge. They have different restrictions depending on the volume of the stored files, the rights for access, etc. After transferring you have to inform about it at the following address PavelK@MobyPrint.ru
    4. Transferring to the ftp-server of the" Moby Dick" printing house is he most reliable and fast way. You can know the address and passwords of access after having written E-mail at the address PavelK@MobyPrint.ru. To traansfer you may use a simple program - ftp-client. For example, www.coffeecup.com. It is possible to upload quickly many files using ftp-server. After transferring them you are to inform about it at the address PavelK@MobyPrint.ru.
If you are in St. Petersburg, it is sometimes easier to bring files on a disk, because to transfer many hundrids of Mbs even on a fast channel takes some hours. It must be taken into account that the printing house pays 1 rouble for each accepted Mb to an intrnet provider.

We have a problem with color correction. We could not find services of a firm in St. Petersburg, which can provide color profiles for a monitor and a printer. Whom is it possible to address?

Yes, there are real problems with receiving such services. Probably, it is connected with the fact that considarable knowledge is required to use effectively the color control system (CMS) at the present stage of its development. It is possible to receive such knowedge and at the same time to find out an expert to deside your problem addressing it forum.rudtp.ru. The services of the expert will cost in the range of 1500-3000 roubles.

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Digital printing

Konica Minolta 6000 Pro

Digital printing department was opened in Moby-Dick printing-house. Great deals for short-run printing of publications. Equipment: Konica Minolta 6000 Pro Offset printing.

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