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Customers department FAQ

What are terms of payment? Is there an opportunity to pay by instalment? Is a prepayment indispensable? What is the size of prepayment?

You solve this problem by coming to agreement with a manger of the printing house. His task is to find an acceptable variant.

Is manufacturing of pressing orders carried out? How much will the price change subject to time terms?

We don`t have special prices. We discuss the terms, look for a variant and print for a normal price.

Is it possible to make a trial copy? What time will it take to make a copy?

Yes, it is possible and there are several variants. You can choose the one which is optimum for you.

What time does it take in general to manufacture an order?

From 3 to 7 days.

Is a delivery of an order to customer`s office free?


Will a customer have his own specialist, who will be responsible for a concrete order?

Yes. Our specialist will solve all the problems. In general this specialist will take care about all your next orders.

Are there professional walkthrough of manufacturing of an order on the stage of preparation and printing? Are there any consultations?

Yes, and this is our principle.

Are there discounts for advertising agencies?

It depends on the size of an order

Are there discounts for patrons? What discounts? Are these discounts constant or they depend on a certain order?

Yes, there are. Discounts are individual for each customer.

How is an order`s price calculated?

Each order is calculated individually, using acting prices. You get a sales letter, a document with a price, which we guarantee.

Can an expert come to the customer`s office?

Yes, undoubtedly.

Which kinds of products does the printing house specialize?

Booklets, catalogs of production, magazines, albums.

Does the printing house make business cards?

Yes, it is a bonus for corporate customers.

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Digital printing department was opened in Moby-Dick printing-house. Great deals for short-run printing of publications. Equipment: Konica Minolta 6000 Pro Offset printing.

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